Albert Estrada Zambrano

albert-estrada-retocatObsessed with roleplaying games since he was 11 years old, almost always performing as a Gamemaster. He belongs to the Gamemasters mercenary collective “Creacions Enigmàtiques” and is the author of “El Secreto de los Nimblekins” adventure, that will be published shortly.

He hates Lovercraftian horror in every possible way it shows. Loves science fiction and Legend of the 5 rings, but lately he only uses a set of rules created by himself called Portal. He thinks of himself as a «tactician» following Robin D. Laws clasification and presides this panel.


Txell De Moreno

txell-retocatShe has been into Roleplaying for more than 25 years, more or less when her gang decided it was the appropiate thing to do on sunday evening. She is founder of the Ludic Association Sants-Niggurath and every November she participates in a decorated game session in Cotxeres de Sants.

She is a compulsive urban fantasy reader. She likes narrative roleplay better than dungeons. She is in love with the romantic myth of Vlad Dracul and only acts as a Gamemaster if there is no other choice.

She is the Story Teller that Robin D. Laws tells us about.


Robert Albero

robert-albero-retocat-2He got into life action roleplaying game too young, gamemastering Legend of the Five Rings. Founder of the youth association l’Espill i la màscara (València), he took a roleplaying sabatic year to end up in Barcelona and becoming a member of Stronghold, that dedicates its efforts to roleplaying games, boardgames and alternative leisure.

Frustrated actor and histrionic, he confesses fan of drama and lovercraftian terror. She enjoys watching his characters evolve (and suffer) at the edge (at the edge of honor, legality, madness…)

A good session? The one you can’t take out of your head long after dice and character sheets have been packed.



kenzoHe has been roleplaying for 12 years now, with some break in the middle. He evenly splits between playing and gamemastering, and he feels comfortable in both roles. He is developing his own game, which he hopes to finish soon so people can enjoy it… or burn it.

Science fiction is what he likes most, but has no problem playing any other thing, except D&D (or the kind) that he hates, but if he has to undertake the effort, he does so. Eclipse Phase is one of his favorites, and has plenty of experience with Vampire the Masquerade (2nd Ed.) and Call of Cthulhu.


Guillem Pin

pin-retocatHe plays with almost anything that has dice, counters, characters or buttons, although his main influences in roleplaying games have been Ars Magica, Gumshoe system and games without gamemaster like Fiasco, Our Last Best Hope or Polaris.

He belongs to Pathfinder Society, as Venture Lt. since its firsts meetings in Barcelona and has gone through half a dozen roleplaying and boardgame clubs in the 12 years he has been playing.

In all his life he has only written one serious adventure, Gesthausmund, and a non-serious roleplaying game, Nazi Werevolves from Outer Space.


Xavier Villalba Altayó

xavi-villalba-retocatHe discovered roleplaying games begining at the end. His first experience with roleplaying games came with Time Lords association, that showed him what live action roleplaying games were when he was 20 years old. From there his roleplaying enviroment expanded and now he belongs to ACL Stronghold board of directors where he acts as a the treasurer.

Despite enjoying roleplaying games, boardgames are his true passion and he owns a wide collection of them (more than a hundred). His last adquisition «Mansions of Madness» (2nd Ed.). ¿Can this game become a critical turning point for some roleplayers/gamemasters?

Javier H. Prieto

javier-h-prieto-retocatHe was a fan of high fantasy and science fiction before learning how to read, and delights himself with the details of those designed universes, narrative needs and how those get internal consistency. This placed him in contact with roleplayers and he fell for it at the end. He usualy plays supporting roles that make other players’ tasks easier, or not, but he loves diversity and novelty and witty or surprising combinations.

Although he does not belong to any club, he is a well known figure in the roleplaying meetings that take place in Barcelona, by himself and also as a Pathfinder Society Gamemaster.